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2022 New 50W-500W outdoor LED floodlight proiettore production in China factory

Date:2022-06-30Views:1166Tags:2022 New outdoor LED floodlight, 400W LED floodlight, 500W LED proiettore, 300W Luz de inundación

2022 New 50W-500W outdoor LED floodlights proiettore production in China factory

Product Name: LED floodlight proiettore

Watts: 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 250W, 300W, 350W, 400W, 450W, 500W.

LED Chips: Philips SMD

LED Driver: Meanwell driver

Application: Outdoor LED floodlights are Various tunnels, underground passages, underground culverts, schools, airports, ports, wharf, sports venues, squares, high-speed high poles, large outdoor, viaduct, and other lighting places.

Factory: Shenzhen GangMing OPTO CO., LTD is a leading manufacturer of LED lighting products, with solutions for outdoor lighting markets across the industrial lights, sports lights, street lighting, etc.

We’ve been providing contractors, building managers, and business professionals with the lighting they need to complete projects and illuminate workspaces. Our skills and knowledge in manufacturing and distribution, combined with our relationships with major brands, means you get a high-quality option at the most economical price.
Our main products series: LED gas station lights, LED sports lights, LED UFO high bay lights, floodlights, tunnel lights, streetlights, high pole lights, etc.