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How to choose LED lamps for warehouse lighting?

Date:2022-04-19Views:1551Tags:200W LED UFO lamp, 150W LED warehouse light, 100W LED high bay light.

How to choose LED lamps for warehouse lighting?


For every factory, the warehouse is an indispensable and important place. So what should we pay attention to when designing warehouse lighting? What kind of LED lighting should we choose?


1) First of all, we have to consider the safety of LED lamps. As we know that safety is in the first place. We should use LED lighting fixtures with dust-proof, anti-corrosion and explosion-proof properties. At the same time, we should ensure that LED lights can work normally and safely.

2) Secondly, the LED lamps used in our warehouses need to have a long lifespan. Because it is not suitable to replace the lamps frequently for the warehouse. Otherwise it will increase the cost and is not cost-effective. As a conclusion, it is best to choose LED lamps with good stability and long life.

3) What’s more, we also need to consider the energy saving of LED lamps. For warehouse lighting, it is best to use two-way lighting in the warehouse. One can be closed during the day, and the other can be opened at night. It can effectively save electricity.

4) Finally, we should also consider the illumination requirements of LED lamps, and choose the appropriate illumination. It should be able to clearly identify the goods and the labels on the goods.

5) At last, we should also combine the surrounding environment. Meanwhile, the effective combination of lamps and natural light should also be handled to improve the quality of warehouse lighting.


LED UFO lights are widely used in warehouses, airports, workshops, wharfs, toll stations, indoor gymnasiums, etc.

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