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Why do we choose LED tunnel lights?

Date:2021-11-04Views:724Tags:400W LED tunnel lights, 350W LED tunnel lamp,LED tunnel lights 500W, outdoor industrial LED light
Why do we choose LED Tunnel Lights?


LED tunnel lights are outdoor industrial lights. It's mainly used in tunnels, workshops, large warehouses, venues, metallurgy and various factories, engineering construction and other large area.

It has following advantages:

(1) Low light decay: 
If the heat dissipation conditions are good, LED has positive light decay in the first 10000h. The light decay in the first 10000h is 3%-10%, and it is basically 30% in the first 50,000h. Its light decay is much lower than ordinary lighting sources. 
(2) High CRI:
Generally LED CRI is about 70 - 80. "Not the brightest, but the clearest to see". It is the core of LED light source.
(3) Lifespan: 
The lifespan of LED is generally higher than 50000H.
(4) Other advantages:
Such as high maintenance factor, good safety performance, no flicker, energy saving and environmental protection.

Energy-saving performance:

1. The lighting power consumption is reduced by half;
2. The heat output is lower. Meanwhile the power consumption is reduced;

3. low current, low loss of long-distance transmission lines

Money saving performance:

1. Save lighting electricity costs;
2. Save daily maintenance costs;
3. Save the replacement cost;
4. Save ventilation costs;
5. Reduce the cost of power transmission´╝Ť
6. In the design stage, the cable diameter can be reduced and the construction cost can be reduced.

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