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What are the characteristics of LED UFO high bay lights?

Date:2021-11-02Views:545Tags:LED UFO industrial light, factory price UFO lamp, workshop mining LED light, warehouse LED lights
What are the characteristics of LED UFO high bay Lights?


LED UFO high bay lights are mainly used in production operations in warehouses, factories, high bays or mines. It's used in a special environment.
It is a popular lamp for industrial lighting in recent years. As a new type of high bay light, it adopts a lens light distribution design and does not require additional reflector light distribution. So there is no cover to be deformed during transportation. And the transportation cost is relatively lower.

The main features of LED UFO high bay lights are as follows:

1. It adopts the design of disc type & no lampshade, with with a special angle integral lens or PC protective cover. It can effectively control the range of light.

2. The lamp is ultra-thin, so it's easy to install and use. Besides, it can be adapted to more applications.

3. The power supply is effectively separated from the main body of the LED heatsink. So the heat dissipation ability is greatly improved and it greatly extends the life of the LED power supply.

4. The LED UFO high bay lights use die-casting aluminum material. The back of heatsink adopts a die-casting fin design. So the effective heat dissipation area can  reach 30-40 square centimeters/W.


LED UFO industrial and mining lights are widely used in factories, workshops, venues, stations, docks, mines, warehouses, etc.

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