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How to choose LED street lights correctly?

Date:2021-10-29Views:503Tags:LED streetlights, IP67 LED street light, IK08 LED street lamp, 120W LED street lamp.

How to choose LED Street Lights correctly?

1) Characteristics

1. Comparing with conventional street lamps, LED streetlights use LED light source which adopts low-voltage DC power supply. And it is a high-efficient white light synthesized by GaN-based power blue and yellow LED. Its features are high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response speed, and high CRI. It can be widely used on streets and roads. LED street lights have no light diffusion, so it can ensure light efficiency.

2. LED street lamp has a unique secondary optical design. It irradiates the light to the area where needs to be illuminated in order to save energy. LED street lamp has stronger light efficiency than high-pressure sodium lamp. After the lens is added, the light range can be flexibly controlled. It improves the light efficiency in further.

3. The light color rendering of LED street lamps is higher than that of high pressure sodium lamps. The CRI of HPS lamps is only about 23, while the CRI of LED street lamps is above 75. Under the condition of same brightness, the average illuminance of LED street lamps can reduce >20% comparing with HPS. The low light decay is also the advantage of LED street lamps. Its light decay in a year is less than 3%. And it can still meet the road requirements after using for 10 years. LED street lamps can be designed with lower power than HPS lamps.

4. The LED street lamp has an automatic control energy-saving device. It can reduce power and save energy at maximum under the condition of meeting the lighting requirements at different times. It can realize computer dimming, time period control, light control, temperature control, automatic inspection and other humanized functions. Long life: It can be used for more than 50,000 hours and provides 5 years warranty.

2) How do we choose LED street lamps correctly?

1. The selection of LED street lights should take light distribution into consideration. Light distribution refers to the light intensity distribution of the light source (or lamps) in all directions in the space. For LED street lights with the same power, the one with good light distribution tend to illuminate a wider range and the light is more uniform.

2. Furthermore, the light decay of LED street lamps must be also considered. Generally speaking, the light decay is that the light intensity of the LED will be lower than the original light intensity after lighting for a period. Two main problems affect the light decay. One is the poor quality of LED chip, and the other is the poor heat dissipation of the LED chip. Therefore, LED chips should be purchased from reliable manufacturers in order to slow down the light decay. The lamp structure is also very important for the heat-dissipation ability. 

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